By GLU Admin
05/09/22 13:49

This past Saturday was a big day for the Psychedelic Eagle.  It’s a challenging route with about 4,000 ft of climbing and I’m happy to say that everyone finished!

In particular, we have some new/returning members!

  • Sara Rice - New Member!
  • Kurt Gisea - New member!
  • Jinwoo Oh - First 200k and First Brevet!
  • George Mickelson - Returning Member!

And welcome back to those we have seen all along these last couple years

Sea Chen - First Brevet!

  • Chuck Judy - GLU Ultra Rider 2021
  • Tom Kaldonski - GLU Ultra Rider 2021
  • Todd Hoskins - last year’s volunteer of the year and a pre-rider for this ride

The northeast wind was a bit pesky in the morning and the northerly part disappeared in the afternoon so the wind wasn’t a real friend, but everyone finished safely and it looks like many found people to ride with.  Everyone likely enjoyed several pavement upgrades on the route and the return of the famous Alpine hill climb.  Kettle Moraine may not have the big elevations of the Driftless but it's challenging in its own right.