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Rides for Month ALL, 2020

RideRide DateTypeRidersDistance OptionsAverage Yearly Miles for Riders on this RideAverage Rides for Riders on this Ride
2020 Closer - Happy No Trails09-26-2020Ultra Event19125, 126 Miles5904
2020 Evanston Opener (Happy No Trails)05-02-2020Ultra Event18127 Miles70
Great Lakes Iron Porcupine 1200k08-13-2020Ultra Event12784, 744 Miles4223
Fox and Rock 300k05-16-2020Ultra Event11189, 180 Miles1101
Dancing Jellyfish 400k09-05-2020Ultra Event9254, 255 Miles9625
Great Lakes Memorial Day Imperial Century05-23-2020Century8103 Miles2192
Chonkey Chimp 100k05-09-2020Gravel635, 63 Miles871
Barrington Cow 400k10-03-2020Ultra Event6249 Miles13627
Chicago Double Loop 400k06-13-2020Ultra Event5250, 251 Miles3883
Chonkey Kong Country 200k05-09-2020Gravel4126 Miles00
Reverse Cow 400k06-27-2020Ultra Event4111, 250 Miles6454
Fox River Ramble06-27-2020Ultra Event3124 Miles2662
Reversed Puff 600k06-27-2020Ultra Event3377 Miles6025
Chicago Triple Loop 600k06-13-2020Ultra Event3375 Miles3242
Psychedelic Turtle 300k06-13-2020Ultra Event3189, 172 Miles1581
Rivers and Prairies 100k05-24-2020Imperial365 Miles2352
Eau Claire River Ringle Rendezvous07-19-2020Imperial344 Miles10986
Eau Claire Century10-10-2020Imperial292 Miles231711
Pike Lake Loop07-19-2020Imperial260 Miles11778
North Pole to South Pole for Ice Cream07-18-2020Imperial264 Miles11137
Respect Otis With Banbury Descent05-03-2020Imperial226 Miles1201
White Starlite 200k03-21-2020RUSA 2002125 Miles00
Circle Tour of NE Lake County09-05-2020Imperial150 Miles141818
My Hip is Bleeding 200k09-05-2020Ultra Event1125 Miles502
West Loop from Gurnee09-12-2020Imperial128 Miles146819
Circle Tour of NE Lake County09-19-2020Imperial150 Miles149620
Wisconsin Loop Ride12-21-2020Imperial130 Miles185026
Wisconsin Loop Ride07-12-2020Imperial130 Miles8946
West Loop from Gurnee07-13-2020Imperial128 Miles9247
Rock River Imperial06-20-2020Imperial1 Miles00
Circle Tour of NE Lake County10-17-2020Imperial150 Miles167222
Circle Tour of NE Lake County11-07-2020Imperial150 Miles172223
West Loop from Gurnee11-22-2020Imperial128 Miles177224
Circle Tour of NE Lake County12-05-2020Imperial150 Miles180025
Circle Tour of NE Lake County08-30-2020Imperial150 Miles136817
Wisconsin Loop Ride08-23-2020Imperial130 Miles133816
Circle Tour of NE Lake County08-22-2020Imperial150 Miles128815
Circle Tour of NE Lake County07-18-2020Imperial150 Miles9528
Lake-McHenry Imperial Century07-11-2020Imperial1100 Miles7945
Wisconsin Loop Ride07-19-2020Imperial130 Miles10029
Rock River Imperial06-27-2020Imperial150 Miles01
Nellie's-Revere Loop05-13-2020Imperial125 Miles1271
My Hip is Bleeding 200k07-11-2020Ultra Event1128 Miles8275
West Loop from Gurnee07-23-2020Imperial128 Miles103210
Lake-McHenry Imperial Century07-25-2020Imperial1100 Miles106011
Circle Tour of NE Lake County08-02-2020Imperial150 Miles116012
West Loop from Gurnee08-05-2020Imperial128 Miles121013
Circle Tour of NE Lake County08-09-2020Imperial150 Miles123814
Keweenaw Loop Populaire08-14-2020Ultra Event182 Miles18938
Las Colinitas05-30-2020Imperial125 Miles1922