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Current Ride Procedures

GLR is a club committed to health and safety through cycling.  Our club is a small and close-knit group of people who prize camaraderie.  We know and respect each other as individuals and riders.  That gives GLR an advantage during the current crisis.

This spring we do not have normal circumstances.  RBAs across the country are cancelling events right and left.  But remaining calm and not allowing stress to overwhelm you is also important.  Social distancing does not mean social isolation, we are inherently social creatures.  We need communication with others to avoid real dangers such as depression (which also kills). GLR wants to have safe, legal rides because they help our mental and physical well-being.  Your actions as riders will determine if we continue to have them.  However, even if you are riding on your own, we urge you to be responsible, stay far from others and not go out at all if you or anyone you have had contact with is ill.

GLR runs rides in 4 states.  All those states have different have had and will continue to have different regulations regarding safety during this time.  The RBA monitors all of them and the CDC every day.  We also rely on reading the text of any actual legal order so that we understand it completely and can act in accordance with it.  I highly recommend this.  Don’t rely on word of mouth or Facebook for news.  Be informed.

Will we run rides?

GLR will only run rides that we can make fit in to the legal framework of the states they operate in. Our focus is temporarily shifting to emphasize LOCAL riding.   We love our out of town visitors, but right now we need to focus on our own club.  Rides at least in May and likely in June will not be affliated with RUSA so that we have the ability to react in a legal and appropriate way to conditions in our area.  One size will not fit all in our very large country.  It's better to have a ride that complies with our legal and safety situation that summarily cancel or uncancel rides.

  1. Registration will close after the Zoom meeting the night before the ride.  This is so that we know everyone has all the information they need.
  2. The decision to hold rides will be made by the GLR Board not less than 2 days before any ride based on local laws and whether our procedures adhere to them.
    1. As of March 31st, there is one in place in Illinois currently set to expire on May 30.  Impacts no rides, yet. 
    2. There are none in Wisconsin.  That just means the onus is on the rider to stay safe.
  3. Starting ride group size will be limited to 10 - or spread farther if needed.  
  4. You are free to cancel at any time. You can do this yourself by clicking the "Manage My Registration" link on your confirmation email or going to My Rides if you are a GLR member.
  5. If you wish to cancel, we will move your registration to any other ride free of charge.  You can pick the ride later.  We will likely be adding additional rides during the summer when things have calmed down.  Consider Volunteering to help make these happen. There are a lot of ways to volunteer and be completely solo too.

Procedures for Social Distancing

Because of social distancing, there will be slightly different procedures at the start, controls and the finish. These rules are added to the requirements for Rider Conduct.  If you violate them, it is a DNF just as if you rode at night without lights.  Every rider on a ride will be re-sent a copy of these rules the night before the ride.  If you are not confident you can follow them, don’t come to the ride.

As of now, GLR has implemented new features for social distancing:

1. "BYOS" - That's "Bring Your Own Start".  We don't want everyone starting together.  In fact, we don't want people starting at the same place either.  We encourage you to look at the route and pick a place (perhaps closest to your residence) to start from.  You can start within a 3 hour window starting at the posted start time.  You MUST text the organizer when you actually start AND when you finish.

2.  Electronic Proof of Passage.  We don't want you to need to stop at any specific place for a control.  If you can pack enough on your bike to get you through it without stopping, that is fine too.  At the end of the ride, you will use the included link on your registration to upload a URL to a RideWithGPS or Strava Track.  You will have 24 hours from your finish to do this.  Your adherence to the route and your start/finish time will be based on this.  These accounds are free, get one - RWGPS is a little easier with URLs that Strava is (Strava will require additional steps to open it up for the organizer to see all the details).  More information available soon about this.

Before the ride:

  1. You should receive a confirmation email when you register – if you don’t contact rba@greatlakesrando.org immediately.  You should have signed our waiver when you registred electronically.
  2. You will receive a ride update on the Thursday before the ride – if you don’t contact rba@greatlakesrando.org immediately.  , it will contain links to the cue sheet and the RWGPS files.  Print your own cue sheet if you want one (I highly recommend that you do so).  Final directions and directions will also be in this email along with your start time (if it is different from the posted one).
  3. The night before the ride, there will be a pre-ride meeting via Zoom.  For those registered, YOU MUST ATTEND.  Attendance will be taken.  This will include important safety information and the ride briefing. You can ask any questions.

At the start:

  1. Start somewhere along the posted RWGPS route.  We encourage you to ride with no more than 1 other person.  Both of you should be prepared to stay a comfortable distance of 6 ft or more away.  Please know your own risks for COVID-19 before you start.  Those are different for everyone. 
  2. If there is any possiblity of riding at dawn, dusk or at night, you must have night gear.  Be prepared to show your lights, vest (Class 2 or EN-1170 level), and ankle bands as the organizer will be on the route watching from afar and might ask to see yours.  You must have at least one headlight mounted to the bicycle and at least one steady red rear light.  Freel free to add others.

At Controls:

One of the reasons for running GLR Brevets as opposed to RUSA events is so that we can give you options as riders so that you can make decisions appropriate for your situation during the COVID-19 pandemic.  We will get back to RUSA brevets, but your safety is the most important focus right now.  We would rather have rides this year, even if they are modified in format to promote social distancing.

  1. Electronic Proof of Passage will be allowed - RWGPS, Strava, or a track will be accepted
  2. You may stop anywhere on the route.  We will leave the standard controls, but we recommend you decide where and when to stop.  If you don't do #1, pick up a few receipts along the way (1 per 30 miles) using the procedure below. We may move to a "Ride with Trust Model" temporarily and simply trust that you report your miles correctly.
  3. Routes may be adjusted for maximum safety or shortened.  We want people to be able to ride on the safest roads possible without regards to shortest distance.
  4. There will be no INFO Controls
  5. You will get GLR Mileage Credit for all the miles you ride - regardless of whether you complete the entire route.  We trust that you will honor our code of conduct and be truthful with your fellow riders about your efforts.

Stop/Control procedures:

  1. Gloves OFF before you enter any control.  Leave them on the bike or stash in a pocket.
  2. Go into the mini-mart, FIRST wash your hands thoroughly
  3. Pick up your item(s) and pay  by credit card.  Almost everywhere has a self service slot and most are no longer requiring signing - avoid cash.
  4. Put the receipt in the plastic bag or have the attendant slip it in for you.  
  5. Leave and do any other business outside.  Stay 6 ft from each other and any others.
  6. I highly recommend you have some hand sanitizer on the bike to disinfect your hands before putting gloves back on.  If you don’t, wash your hands again.

While riding:

  1. Absolutely NO food or fluid sharing during this ride.  Follow all rules on our website page.   https://glr.ridestats.bike/stats/clubpages/Riding-a-Healthy-Ride-35 and 
  2. Try to ride in pairs so that you can socialize at a distance of at least 6 ft with a solo ride being preferred and be visible on the road.  This is NOT a race but it is also not a isolation ride.  Let’s be our normal and kind selves.
  3. Be vigilant about all the normal hazards like potholes, sand, traffic, etc.  You absolutely DO NOT want to have any kind of a crash.  Take things SLOWLY and deliberately.  There are pavement issues especially in the spring.  THIS IS NOT A RACE.  BE AN ATTENTIVE AND DELIBERATE RIDER.
  4. All the other normal articles apply including following ALL traffic laws, wearing a helmet, and using night gear.
  5. If you are not feeling well, call it quits, don’t tough it out - TEXT THE ORGANIZER IMMEDIATELY AND HAVE A PLAN FOR A PICKUP.  You will get GLR credit for the miles you complete.

At the Finish:

  1. Send your GPS route to the organizer or the RBA within 24 hours.
  2. Text the organizer at the finish saying you are safe
  3. Pack up and leave, do not linger at the finish

These procedures are critical to having a safe and legal ride.   You, as riders, have direct control over your behavior.  That is the reason these rides are being held.  If I see that we can’t do this, these rides will cease.

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