Self Reporting a Ride

GLU was the first club to have self reporting using GPS tracks as proof of passage (back in the pandemic and long before RUSA embraced it).  It is easiest to do this from a computer and improvements to make it a one button effort are underway.  You may use RideWithGPS or Strava URLs.  Be aware that if you decide to use Strava, you must make your ride public (or everyone).  Michele is now on Strava for this purpose.

Our system was designed to make reporting easy.  It is also very important that you text or call the organizer before and after your ride.  Our organized brevets normally have ride support going and we want to know you are safe.

1. The night before the ride, we will send an email to you titled Finish for <Ride Name>.  At the bottom, you will see a link for finishing the ride.  It won't work until after the ride.

When you click this link, a window will open:

2. There are fields defaulted for the ride start time, end time and distance.  If any of these is different from your ride, then change the values.  This will be checked against your GPS track so be honest.  By filling this in, you are helping to speed up reporting.  We trust you.  If you only rode part of the course, fill in what you completed.  

3.  You will need to put the URL to your ride into the GPS Track Url link.  You can get this from RIdeWithGPS by opening your ride and clicking on "Share" in the upper left corner.

4. Clicking this opens a window to allow you to copy the URL to your clipboard, you can then paste it into the field on the form:

5. Make comments too!  Tell us how the ride went.  We want your feedback.  Then click Finish.  You are done!!!!!!

That's all there is to it!