Great Lakes Awards

Ultra Cycling Awards

Unlike the typical awards, ours are all based on participating and supporting our core values.  Awards should bind us together, not show us off.   Awards will be posted as soon as they are achieved, and will will hold a special ceremony at the end of the year to hand out medals/trophies.

  1. The Midwest Triple Crown - 3 Double Centuries in a single season
  2. Great Lakes Super Randonneur - within one season, complete one from each of the following ranges completed with a Randonneur Star 
    • 200k
    • 300k
    • 400k
    • 600k
  3. Great Lakes R-12: Complete at least 1 200k or greater ride each month for 12 consecutive months
  4. Great Lakes P-12: Complete at least 1 100k or greater ride each month for 12 consecutive months
  5. Great Lakes Assistance Award - for taking time to help others
  6. Great Lakes "Best PIcture" - for taking a photo that captures the spirit of the club (the photo will be featured on the next year's website)
  7. Volunteer of the Year - for supporting others instead of riding yourself