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  • Madtown Express Double Century08-20-2022 05:004 Registered

    04-04-2022 07:42
    08-20-2022 06:00
    Double Century
    Sunrise at 6:04:09 AM Sunset at 7:46:22 PM

    Michele Brougher
    Email Michele(952)215-1503

    Get me there
    Kwik Trip
    505 N Main St
    Edgerton, Wisconsin 53534


    SAG Service Available

    Those in the club for a long time will recognize some, but not all of the classic Circusworld route to Baraboo.  Starting in Edgerton, we will wind west to Oregon, My Horeb and finally up to Sauk City.  From there, we change it up taking the August Derleth and Great Sauk Trails to Merrimac before winding our way through Devils Lake State Park to Baraboo.  From Baraboo, we continue west into a bit of the Driftless descending the Baraboo Bluff on Orchard Road.  Then it's back to Sauk City and east to Madison itself.  We'll cut right through the isthmus mainly on trails before leaving the city to return to Edgerton.

    This route requires a Wisconsin State Trail Pass.  When you register, let us know if you already have one otherwise we are researching options to provide one or you may need to buy one in Sauk City.

    This is a challenging and fun route - with a little adventure walk in Devil's Lake Park!

  • Fox and Hawks 600k09-03-2022 05:002 Registered

    04-04-2022 07:19
    09-03-2022 06:00
    RUSA 600
    Sunrise at 6:18:39 AM Sunset at 7:23:46 PM

    Michele Brougher
    Email Michele(952)215-1503

    Get me there
    2500 IL-64
    St. Charles Township, Illinois 60174

    Open 24 hours

    Challenging new 600k route out of the St Charles/Batavia area for 2022!  We start out on the Fox River Trail and head west early in the morning to Rochelle and stop briefly in Oregon before heading south to Dixon.  Then the hills begin!  From Dixon, we wind north all the way to Galena, IL.  We then wind through the driftless down Irish Hollow Road and some awesome climbs to Savanna where you can optionally stop for the night at Savanna Inn and Suites - though as of 7.26 it is full.  Other options are Galena and Mt Carroll - highly recommend trying AirBnd for a good, simple deal.  Once you leave the overnight, the hillls begin to peter out and you'll have a great view of the Mighty Rock River as you come into Byron in the early morning.  Then we head back east through Kingston and Woodstock before ending with the final 35 miles almost entirely on the Fox River and Prairie bike Trails.

    This is Labor Day weekend so make your overnight reservations very early.  This is a great goal ride for those interested in Paris Brest Paris - with 14,000 ft of climbing, it's not quite as hilly but has some real challenges and beautiful terrain.  This is also great follow up to the Madtown Express Double Century in August.  Lights and reflective gear mandatory.  We will follow classic randonneuring rules with brevet cards and controls.

    Note, not all is lost if you can't find an overnight ahead of time.  If you are contemplating PBP, drop sacks are never assured at the place you want to stay anyways.  Flexibility (and developing it) are key so this ride is an opportunity.

  • Willow Springs Closer09-24-2022 07:00None Registered

    01-01-2022 07:21
    09-24-2022 08:00
    Ultra Event
    Sunrise at 6:40:20 AM Sunset at 6:47:22 PM

    Jerad Tintera

    Get me there
    Willow Springs Metra Station
    501 Willow Blvd
    Willow Springs, Illinois 60480


    New closing route in the South Metro out of Willow Springs.  This will have paved trails and finish at the Willow Springs Brewery so that we can say our goodbye's until 2023

Sunrise and Sunset courtesy of Sunrise-Sunset.org