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Ultra Event
Sunrise at 5:22:18 AM Sunset at 8:30:26 PM

Michele Brougher
Email Michele(952)215-1503

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Quality Inn Downtown Green Bay
321 S Washington St
Green Bay, WI 54301

Free Parking in the rear of the hotel for the duration of rides.  

Registration is not open

This is a loop route from Green Bay through the area covered by the Great Peshtigo Fire of 1871.  The fire started on the same day as the Great Chicago Fire and burned so hot that it melted glass.  Started during a hot dry summer in the age of the lumber barrons, the town was a huge sawdust pile that went up in flames.  For years the fire was thought to have been so huge that it jumped Green Bay (which also burned at the same time).  You will pass a memorial to the many people who died in the fire.  The total count was never accurately recorded because the fire vaporized entire familes.

No worries of the sort today.  This is a great loop through scenic woods and you will turn around at the Monument to Queen Marinette in Marinette and a very beautiful historic stretch on the Menomonie River.  

If you need hotel accommodation and are doing the Death's Door Double the day before, reserve there.  Otherwise, contact us and we can make arrangements for other nights.

This ride is scheduled for July 3 but can be ridden any day from July 3 to July 5.  It can be paired up as you like with other rides.