Great Lakes Ultra Cycling


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Ultra Event
Sunrise at 5:17:21 AM Sunset at 8:23:53 PM

Michele Brougher
Email Michele(952)215-1503

Get me there
Best Western
990 Lake Ave
Woodstock, IL 60098

Make your reservations early if you need a place to stay. There will not be a hotel block. We highly recommend getting a room for the overnight of the 600k even if you are planning on riding straight through. Having the option and a place to shower and change/keep clothing and devices charging makes everything easier.



Fun loop ride out to Brodhead via Clinton and returning on Creek Road.  This is a super fun route with one of the best approaches into Brodhead (a tiny figure 8) that has been found.  A long section on the limestone Prairie trail will protect you from the wind on your return if the Hawk is blowing of the Lake.

Brevet Available GLUC Members on or before  March 15, 2021 - 200k ACP, contact 1 week prior to the ride

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