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  • Rib Moutain Double Century08-07-2021 05:002 Registered

    03-19-2021 21:15
    08-07-2021 06:00
    Double Century
    Sunrise at 5:52:54 AM Sunset at 8:02:17 PM

    Michele Brougher
    Email Michele(952)215-1503

    Get me there
    Cedar Creek Mall
    Market Street Rothschild
    Wausau, Wisconsin 54474


    Brand new double century as a mix-and-match authored by Paul Danhaus, GLUC board member and long standing member.  This will be a challenging fun ride taking you to all the best roads he has found in years of ultracycling North Central Wisconsin.  Wausau is well known for cycling   We will have at least one group get together at the local brewery Red Eye Brewing, noted for its decor featuring classic bicycles!

    We will do a short shake down ride for those arriving early on Friday and possibly on Sunday morning of the Rib Mountain Climb by itself. Riders have the option of incorporating the Rib Mountain Climb into the second (South) loop, but you they miss the Foxglove climb! The Rib Mountain climb will be featured as an option.  You can ride it once, twice, or three times!

    Suggested - but you could do either loop on either day as well!


    1. North Loop
    2. South Loop w/o Rib Mtn


    • Climb to top to Rib Mtn - Recovery!

    Staying in Wausau - We may very well run brevets out of here at some point even as early as next year so get a taste of things to come!

    There are 5 hotels of varying prices near the Cedar Creek Mall - you can stay in any of them and be perfectly comfortable.  There are also camping options farther away.  Lots of food options near the hotels - including Culvers, Dennys, etc.  You can see a movie nearby if you want!

    • Stoney Creek Hotel Wausau Rothschild - 1100 Imperial Ave, Rothschild, WI 54474  (715) 355-6858
    • Grand Hotel Wausau Rothschild - 805 Creske Ave, Rothschild, WI 54474 (715) 241-6300
    • Best Western Plus Wausau Rothschild - 803 Industrial Park Ave, Rothschild, WI 54474  (715) 355-8900
    • Motel 6 - 904 Industrial Park Ave, Rothschild, WI 54474  (715) 355-3030
    • Econolodge - 1510 County Rd XX, Rothschild, WI 54474 (715) 355-4449
  • Blackhawk Double Century09-04-2021 06:002 Registered

    03-15-2021 17:46
    09-04-2021 07:00
    Double Century
    Sunrise at 6:21:48 AM Sunset at 7:19:27 PM

    Michele Brougher
    Email Michele(952)215-1503

    Get me there
    Paddlewheel Inn
    1457 IL Rt. 2 N
    Oregon, IL 61061

    Make your reservations early if you intend to stay here. There will not be a hotel block reserved.

    SAG Service Available
    Social Gathering Before/After

    Second in our Midwest III Crown Series.  This is a hilly ride out of Oregon, Illinois that will take you south through Dixon and east through Mt Caroll to the Mississippi River and back.  The all outdoor Dairy Queen in Mt Caroll is not to be missed for a high calorie and easy to socially distance stop.  You'll get a view of the Mississippi before returning along quiet roads to Oregon.

    Brevet Available GLUC Members on or before  March 15, 2021 - 300k ACP, contact 1 week prior to the ride

  • Evanston Closer 202109-25-2021 07:00None Registered

    07-15-2021 10:22
    09-25-2021 08:00
    Ultra Event
    Sunrise at 6:43:30 AM Sunset at 6:43:00 PM

    Michele Brougher
    Email Michele(952)215-1503

    Get me there
    Northwestern University Parking
    1841 Sheridan Rd
    Evanston, IL 60201

    Parking is free at the ramp (behind Segal Center). Or ride to the ride!

    We are looking at a new route from Evanston for the Closer!  More on this soon but your input is welcome.  There may or may not be a RUSA option for this depending on what riders choose too so members, when you get the survey going out the week of July 18th, we will be asking.  Right now we are contemplating going up to Racine, but that might change too!

    It's been a memorable year.  We will be having a celebration at the finish at Temperence Brewing.  The Volunteer of the Year and other notable accomplishments will be annouced including our totals to the Night Ministry for this year.  Pizza and soda will be provided - you get bring/buy other beverages of your own choice.  We will have a tailgating area for an outdoor get together with some chairs but bring your own too.

    Parking is in the shopping center next door - park far away from businesses.

    Hope to see you there!


Sunrise and Sunset courtesy of