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From Us

GLR welcomes riders from all around the country and all around the world.  As a club, we believe camaraderie and perserverence are the heart of the sport.  You can expect friendly faces and respect from everyone you meet in our club.  

At the start of each ride, you can expect that we will have any paperwork ready and waiting for you to sign along with ride materials. We will go over last minute announcements 15 minutes before the ride starts.  It is always our goal to pre-ride our routes within a week of ride day.  We want your experience to be fun, not fraught with detours.  That is part of the respect we show our riders.

While we actively seek members of our club, GLR does not mandate that you join our club.  Part of our mission is to help people further their cycling ablities and endurance, our doors are open to all.  We want you to join because you respect and feel a part of our club, not because you want to try a ride.

From you 

Ahead of time

Check the type of ride you are doing, if the ride is RUSA or ACP, you must be a member of RUSA to ride. 

RUSA is a great organization, you can join at http://rusa.org.  When you join, you will receive a number starting with T, this is NOT your RUSA member ID.  Wait a couple of days and they will send you the actual one, you will need it to sign up on our site.

Most 200k rides are NOT subject to this requirement.  Those are idenified with ride types beiging with 'GLR'.

At the start

On the morning of the ride, find the ride organizer to check in.

If you pre-registered...

  • Pick up your ride card (pre-printed)
  • Sign the final waiver/check in sheet if required
  • Have your night gear inspection (if needed).  You must have night riding gear if the max time of the event is after legal sunset

If you did not pre-register...

  • Come to this site and register, there will be a laptop available or you can use your phone/tablet/hotel PC.
  • Pick up your brevet card  - we will fill in your name
  • Sign the final waiver/check in sheet
  • Have your bike inspection (if needed)

During the ride ... 

For all rides

For RUSA and ACP rides, GLR operates under the auspices of Randonneurs USA (RUSA) and all riders are expected to follow the rules of conduct: RUSA Rules for Riders.  Failure to follow any of these rules is grounds for disqualification.  

We also mandate that you follow all traffic laws for the states that we ride in.  Failure to comply with local law will result in disqualification.

The official times for the various distances are:

  • 100k - depends on the exact distance, generally between 7-9 hours
  • 200k - 13.5 hours
  • 300k - 20 hours
  • 400k - 27 hours
  • 600k - 40 hours
  • 1000k - 75 hours
  • 1200k - 90 hours

If you don't think you are going to finish in time, keep riding!  You never know when you are going to suddenly speed up and other factors can come into play.

DNF (Did not finish)

Everyone has a bad day.  If you really, really can't make it, you have some MUST DO's and options:

1. YOU MUST NOTIFY THE Ride Master/RBA.  If you do not, we will track you down, call your emergency contact, etc.  Your spouse will not like a phone call late at night wondering where you are, especially if you are next to them.  And we have done it before.

2. You need to somehow get back to your home/car.  Here you have options.  First, the Ride Master will be able to come get you.  This will likely take a while since you may be over 100 miles away.  Different Ride Masters have different levels of access as well so if you have a recumbent or a special bike, this may be harder.  So when you call them (#1), ask them nicely.  You can call your BFF/neighbor/spouse/mortal enemy.  You can also just plug the start into Google and have it navigate you back by bike on the fastest route.  If you choose this option, be SURE you did #1.  You will be off the ride at this point.

After the ride ...

  • At the start, you will have been given directions about what to do with your card at the finish.  This can vary based on the brevet from a drop box to putting it in a parked car or even mailing it to the organizer.
  •  Rejoice!  You are done

If you are unable to finish or are overtime ...

CALL THE RBA!!!!  See above. Turn in your card too - so that we know you made it in and can turn in results.  We have to report your lack of finish too.

But take heart, you probably learned many things that will allow you to succeed the next time.  It's the ride that is important, not the finish.

The Minimum

There are many preparation lists for riding brevets to be found - most focus on completeness.  The following are the MIMIMUM elements necessary to be successful on a GLR ride.  Every single one of these items has been forgotten at least once with disasterous results:

The bike - yes, it can be forgotten!

  • Shoes
  • Helmet
  • Reflective Gear
  • Cycling Shorts 


As we have moved to so many locations, parking will be a question.  It is always our goal to provide a good parking alternative.  However, we can't always do that and with rides closer to Chicago, it is a little more likely that you might get towed if you park illegally.  GLR is not responsible if you car gets broken into.  Do not leave valuables laying around in your car.

  • In Evanston at Northwester, parking in the Northwestern Parking lot at Segal Center is free on Saturdays.  Be sure to get there early, if they are full, you will be looking
  • In Evanston, at Temperence Brewing, park along the chain link fence to the south far from the entrance to the brewery
  • In Barrington, the METRA parking lot is free
  • In Hampshire, the Forest Preserve has free parking
  • In Woodstock, get a hotel rooom (see below) or park a mile up Lake Street at the METRA parking lot
  • In Oregon, park in front of the Paddlewheel, far from the steakhouse and the hotel
  • In Green Bay, stay at our host hotel (please) unless you are a local to the area (in which case, finding parking will easy)

Other ideas, Woodstock and Barrington are on the Metra line!  Ride to the ride or bribe your spouse/friend/mortal enemy to take you and/or pick you up.  Or take an Uber/Lyft/Cab.  GLR does not advocate hitchhiking in our sport since it is illegal.

Lodging and Overnights

The longer GLR rides ususally take place at less expensive hotels.  We do this so that you can get a room and NOT drive after a long ride.  Driving any distance after a long ride, particularly 300k, 400k or 600k is a dangerous affair.  There are numerous cases of severe accidents resulting from randonneurs trying to drive home.  Be aware that after the ride, you may be pumped up and feel great - THIS WILL NOT LAST!  Get a room.  GLR has historically also provided a room that the RBA stays in but is also for riders needing a nap.

In the past, we have gone to the time and effort to reserve hotel blocks.  This has become a bit less frequent since most hotels offer the same discount for either AARP or AAA.  That said, if we are hosting a ride there, the hotel is also serving as our control.  They are doing us a HUGE favor by doing that.  It's really tacky to come in and use their facilities as a control and then sleep someplace else.  Sleeping in your car is technically illegal too - and it gives us a very bad reputation.  Your bike and gear probably cost $1000s of dollars.  Please have the good graces to stay at the host hotel.  If you are really strapped, contact the RBA ahead of time, we will figure something out.

Hosting hotels for longer rides in 2020 are:

  1. The Best Western, Woodstock, IL
  2. The Paddlewheel Inn, Oregon, IL 
  3. The Downtown Quality Inn, Green Bay, WI 

 Reserving your hotel will also provide you with more secure parking.  That's one less thing to worry about.


Rides are held rain or shine. Riders should bring adequate clothing and be prepared for variable weather conditions. During periods of diminished visibility riders are encouraged to take appropriate measures to enhance their visibility - these include the use of reflective clothing and supplemental lighting.  This also means during poor light in the day.

If you are considering riding in PBP or another grand randonnee, riding in the rain/dark/fog/lousey stuff is essential to success.  It's also kind of fun and another way to share an experience.  Don't let bad weather scare you off.  Fenders will help as will a good rain jacket/pants and a shower cap for under your helmet.

Rides in our Club

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GLR Membership included for guest registrations
  • Sat 03 Oct
    Barrington Cow 400k Jewel/Osco Barrington Hills - Barrington
    Club Brevet
    Members: $10.00
    Guests: $10.00
    5 registered

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