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Double Century
Sunrise at 5:38:37 AM Sunset at 7:58:18 PM

Michele Brougher
Email Michele(952)215-1503

Get me there
Best Western
990 Lake Ave
Woodstock, IL 60098

Make your reservations early if you need a place to stay. There will not be a hotel block. We highly recommend getting a room for the overnight of the 600k even if you are planning on riding straight through. Having the option and a place to shower and change/keep clothing and devices charging makes everything easier.



The first ride opportunity in our Midwest III Crown.  This double century will head up through Sharon and Clinto to Brodhead, Evansville and return to Woodstock via Milton.  You will find everything from old bridges to hills, trails, perhaps a short stretch of gravel.  There is no time limit but we will record your time and we recommend that you be able to maintain a 10 mph average including stops to ensure a good experience.

You may join our club or be our guest on this ride.  An early double century is a great challenge for winter training and this is a great route with light traffic and some lovely scenery.  There are 2 other double centuries being offered this year.  Do all three for an even bigger challenge.  This is a favorite route.

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