The Million Meters of Milk

07-05-2024 04:00

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Michele Brougher

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Fond du Lac Comfort Inn
77 Holiday Ln
Fond du Lac, WI 54937


It's back!  The original Million Meters in Fond du Lac.  This is a really awesome ride originally the brainchild of Joel Sandburg many years ago.  We will have an official start at the Comfort Inn where we have a hotel block reserved from Thursday, July 4-Monday, July 9.  The timelimit has the ride ending at 7:00 am on Monday (75 hours).  Many will finish before that but the block includes Sunday night for this reason.

You may ride all three of the days of this ride or a subset of them.  Contact us for specifics on this option.

The club currently has 5 room reserved from July 4-8 for anyone to use.  After those are full, it's up to you to make reservations with the hotel.  We will update the ride when this becomes the case so jump on soon.

In the past, we have provided food for both breakfast and dinner for all the days of the ride.  That may or may not be possible depending on the number of volunteers we have.  If you (or your friends/neighbors/family/etc) are interested in volunteering for one or more days of this event, send an email to  There is also a signup sheet is here.   In any case, weather permitting, we will have a small welcome party on the patio (inside if rain) Thursday from 4:00 pm - 7 pm which will also be the ride briefing. We will also have a party at the finish, let's hope it isn't raining.

Signing up now reserves your spot on this ride.  This is a fun, challenging ride on some really beautiful roads.  We hope to see you there.

Please note, this fleche does not satisfy criteria for anything outside of Great Lakes Randonneurs as we maintain no affilation with RUSA.