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Double Century
Sunrise at 6:04:09 AM Sunset at 7:46:22 PM

Michele Brougher
Email Michele(952)215-1503

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Kwik Trip
505 N Main St
Edgerton, Wisconsin 53534


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Those in the club for a long time will recognize some, but not all of the classic Circusworld route to Baraboo.  Starting in Edgerton, we will wind west to Oregon, My Horeb and finally up to Sauk City.  From there, we change it up taking the August Derleth and Great Sauk Trails to Merrimac before winding our way through Devils Lake State Park to Baraboo.  From Baraboo, we continue west into a bit of the Driftless descending the Baraboo Bluff on Orchard Road.  Then it's back to Sauk City and east to Madison itself.  We'll cut right through the isthmus mainly on trails before leaving the city to return to Edgerton.

This route requires a Wisconsin State Trail Pass.  When you register, let us know if you already have one otherwise we are researching options to provide one or you may need to buy one in Sauk City.

This route is preliminary and will be finalized this summer

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