Great Lakes Ultra Cycling


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Ultra Event
Sunrise at 5:16:43 AM Sunset at 8:30:18 PM

Michele Brougher
Email Michele(952)215-1503

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Paddlewheel Inn
1457 IL Rt. 2 N
Oregon, IL 61061

Make your reservations early if you intend to stay here. There will not be a hotel block reserved.

This is a hilly and scenic 375 mile 2 day ride out of Oregon, Illinois.  Starting from the Paddlewheel Inn on the Rock River, we take a few short miles upstream before climbing out of the Rock River Valley.  Once at the top, it's non-stop rollers through Freeport, home of the Pretzels and a turnaround in Monroe, Wisconsin.  Hopefully, the wind is from the north as you retrace your steps back to Oregon for a refueling stop.

The second 3rd of the ride keeps going south through Dixon to Sterling, where we cross the Rock again on a cycling trail.  We then climb out of the valley once more on quiet roads to historic Mt Carroll and the world's best outdoor Dairy Queen.  We then back track to Oregon to spend the night at the Paddlewheel.

The final 3rd of the ride takes the improved cycling shoulder along the Rock River to Byron and heads north to Winnebago before angling east to Rockton, again crossing the Rock River.  A short stint on the easily ridable Long Prairie Trail to Poplar Grove then ends and we take roads south through farmlands through Kirkland to Oregon passing the Blackhawk Statue for our finish.

This ride is planned for 2 days.  We highly recommend you stay at the Paddlewheel.  Oregon has few to no 24 hour services so be sure to have dinner and breakfast planned in your room.  Byron is only a short easy distance on Day 2 so a more substantial stop there for fueling is recommended.  This ride has mandatory requirements for reflective gear and lights and is an advanced challenge.  Be prepared for lots of climbing but be rewarded by some fabulous scenery and views of the Rock River.

A brevet option is available to GLUC members active on or before March 15, 2021.  Be advised you will be no be on this route, but instead the certified 600k route, My Ears are Bleeding which is the most difficult ride in the Upper Midwest at nearly 30,000 ft of climbing.  You must contact us at 1 week prior to the ride.