DIY Brevets

DIY Brevets can be scheduled by any member in good standing.  They count towards all GLR/GLU Awards including our Super Randonneur and R12 awards as well as a host of others. They can be scheduled at any time but we suggest a few days so that people can see them on the schedule and attend.

You may pick any route in the library.   As of today, this is about 80 rides of any distance of 100k to 1000k.  There are a few requirements:

  1. You must follow the Club Code of Conduct
  2.  You must be a Member with at least regular brevet ridden
  3. We ask that you do not schedule a DIY Brevet on one of our 8 organized brevet weekends

Rides can be any time of the year.  We do ask that you exercise caution when scheduling in the winter.  These rides can be rescheduled if the weather conditions are dangerous.

Once on the scheduled,anyone may attend and many show up and the ride has a lot of traction, the club may offer and/or send some support.  If you pre-drive a route ahead of time, the club will reimburse for gasoline.